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  • To get your life in supernatural alignment with God
  • ​To bring your whole team into true spiritual unity
  • To discover God's right-now plan in every season and situation you face
  • To get your life in supernatural alignment with God
  • ​To bring your whole team into true spiritual unity
  • To discover God's right-now plan in every season and situation you face
Scott Wilson is the Senior Pastor of Oaks Church, ministering to approximately 4,000 people every week in South Dallas area. He is a frequent conference speaker, and provides mentorship for hundreds of pastors and church leaders.

Because of Scott’s desire to train the next generation, he created the Oaks School of Leadership, a specialized ministry training program providing young leaders with hands-on experience while earning college credits. Scott has written several books, including his latest releases “P3: Praying in the Spirit, with understanding and in agreement”, “Spread the Fire: Spirit Baptism in Today’s Culture” and “Clear the Stage: Making Room for God”. Scott’s previous titles include The Next Level: A Message of Hope for Hard Times (Baxter Press) and Steering Through Chaos: Mapping a Clear Direction in the midst of transition and change (Zondervan).

P3 will certainly take your prayer life to the next level, but it’s the heart behind the message that I really appreciate. Scott Wilson is a friend and a confidant in ministry. His message in this book will impact your staff, your groups, and your congregation.

Mark Batterson
New York Times best-selling author of The Circle Maker
Lead Pastor of National Community Church, Washington, D.C.
I was greatly encouraged and blessed as Pastor Scott and several leaders spoke life and hope into me after praying in the spirit and then prophesying. The clarity of what God was saying was thematically clear and concise as each person’s word represented a part of the larger narrative. It was life-giving and inspiring! I’m so excited to be equipped and see others inspired & trained to obey Paul’s command to Prophesy!

Brandon Cormier
Pastor and Public Speaker
Scott Wilson has written many good books on leadership, but this one is different. This book is about the art of pastoral leadership, specifically, how to lead God’s people in hearing His voice. In these pages, Scott lays out a clear process for engaging your church in being truly Pentecostal, activating the gifts of the Spirit, and allowing the Spirit to speak to and through every Spirit-filled believer. Read this prayerfully, step out and practice it yourself, and lead your people in it. The book you’re about to read could change everything for you and your church!

John Davidson, Ph.D.
Director of the Alliance for AG Higher Education, Director of CMN Leadership Development, AG National Office, Springfield, Missouri

Powerful, Practical, Enlightening, Inspiring . . . As Pastor Scott Wilson unpacks the richness of 1 Corinthians 12-14, he opens up our minds to embrace all God desires for us as believers. And as the church begins to practice this kind of praying, it is sure to revolutionize every participant and empower the church to walk in God’s presence and power as never before. Don’t miss this powerful book!

Micheal Dickenson
Network Pastor, New Mexico Ministry Network, Albuquerque, New Mexico
I am so excited for the leaders of my church to be able to read this book! P3 was such a compelling read as Pastor Scott breaks down 1 Corinthians 12-14. It is written in a practical way that makes applying these truths obtainable for any believer. I have had the honor of seeing the principles of this book lived out in real life through Pastor Scott and the staff at Oaks Church, and I am thrilled that he has written P3 so that many others can experience the precise direction of the Spirit in their churches!

Michael S. Carlton
Lead Pastor, Bloom Church, Branson, Missouri
Many people, even many church leaders, have trouble discerning the heart and will of God. In P3, Scott Wilson explains how God has led him in a process of discovery as he studied Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. Pastor Scott has clearly articulated the difference the Holy Spirit makes in the lives of believers and in the church, and he shares the process he uses with teams as they pray in the Spirit, trust God for understanding of what they’ve prayed, and agree together that they’ve accurately heard God’s voice. This is a process all of us can use . . . and it’s a process our people and our churches desperately need!

Chris Railey
Sr. Director Leadership/Church Development, The General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri
I am impressed with the simplicity of a powerful truth Scott Wilson so thoroughly unfolds in his book, P3. I have been a Spirit-filled believer since childhood and learned long ago the value of praying in the Spirit; however, I have fallen short of considering the spiritual rhythm Scott describes as praying in the Spirit, then getting the understanding of what you have prayed, and finally, praying in agreement with what the Spirit is saying. It’s a rhythm for life and needs to be internalized by every leader, pastor, and child of God in our movement. One of the results of practicing P3 is unity in the body of Christ. “It’s there that the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore!” I desire the Lord’s blessing. I want those I lead to share in His blessing. Pastor Scott unfolds a critical truth that the modern-day Spirit-filled church needs today.

Pastor Stephen Harris
Superintendent, Arizona Ministry Network, Phoenix, Arizona
We were privileged to have Pastor Scott Wilson introduce the P3 prayer model at our Ministers Retreat. We experienced a corporate anointing as we prayed in the Spirit, and the Holy Spirit opened up our understanding of what He wants to do in Indiana. We have practiced this model with our pastors-in-training and our Executive and Ministry Group Presbyters. Each time, we received divine revelation and encouragement. One of the elements I appreciate about this prayer model is the quiet time when we listen. Being quiet and listening is a great practice for Pentecostal leaders. I love the collective prophetic words that come as each person shares what the Holy Spirit is saying so we can all walk in agreement with each other. Jesus is our great intercessor, and we are learning to pray what Jesus prays and the Holy Spirit prays through us.

Pastor Don Gifford
Superintendent of the Indiana District of the Assemblies of God, Indianapolis, Indiana
Our ministry team has had the privilege of hearing Scott Wilson speak on several occasions. We have been blessed by his ability to lead through the moving of the Spirit. His understanding of the way individual gifts operate in a corporate setting is truly anointed. In P3 Scott helps all leaders interpret how we pray in the Spirit with prophetic understanding. He shows how a group of people can all hear the same message from God. A recommended read for all church leaders. 

Franklin H Potter 
Superintendent, Potomac Ministry Network, Gainesville, Virginia
Do you have a longing to move forward in powerful prayer and prophetic and revelatory experiences in pursuit of God’s will together with your people? P3 just might provide a strong pathway for you to do so. This book covers the biblical foundations for this process and presents practical approaches for leaders at every level of God’s work. 

Paul Brooks, D. Min.
Professor of Theology and Vice President for Academics at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, Texas

The P3 prayer model is transformative. When I first saw it practiced I thought, “This is part of what I’ve been looking for in the last twenty years of ministry—a renewed way forward for the Spirit-empowered church that’s both alive with spiritual gifts and yet steps away from some of the baggage of past expressions.” We use it weekly in our church and with our staff! It’s theologically rich, spiritually alive, and practically simple to implement.

Dr. Douglas Witherup
Lead Pastor of cfa Church and author of Interrobang Preaching.